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Thank you for visiting our website.  Cali Paralegal Services was founded by Kim Castaneda during the pandemic.  It was a trying time for attorneys and their staff and Kim wanted to continue to help those in need of assistance with transferring real property or in creating their Wills, Trusts, and Power of Attorney documents, as well as assist others through the process and procedures of trust administration matters after someone passes away.  


Our office works with the WealthCounsel drafting system which is a fantastic product allowing our documents to be extremely thorough and greatly detailed.  We have found the community of attorneys who also utilize this drafting system to be welcoming, generous, and helpful. 

If you are an attorney looking for assistance with drafting your client estate plans, or find yourself in need of trust administration help, please feel free to contact us so that we may discuss how we may best serve you and your clients. 

If you are visiting our website because you need personal assistance with a real property transfer, your own trust, will, or have recently had a death in the family, we look forward to talking with you.  As Paralegals, we are prohibited from offering legal advice but will be happy to discuss your situation with you further.  We also contract with several estate planning attorneys throughout the State of California and would be happy to help find the perfect connection for your needs.  If your situation falls outside of the estate planning arena, such as a family law situation or personal injury matter, etc., please feel free to contact the county bar association lawyer's referral service in your area.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.  Have a great day!

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How I Chose Estate Planning

As a Paralegal, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best attorneys, mentors, and teachers over the last 30+ years.  When my legal career began, I joined several different firms that focused in many areas of the law.  Although grateful for the experiences, I found myself getting a bit frustrated as my legal focus changed from one area to another as there did not seem to be anything that I felt I could be truly passionate about.  Then, over 20 years ago, I joined an estate planning team.  Although hesitant to be involved in such an emotional area of law, it quickly became evident it had all the elements I was searching for.  It was so natural and right to focus and specialize my skills in the areas of estate planning and trust administration.  The attorneys that I have worked with have always created a patient, thoughtful and caring work environment for our clients.  I find great satisfaction in knowing I have assisted families in bringing peace during a difficult time. 

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